The best DJ apps to turn your Android into a mixing console

original music composition

If you like music and inside you hide a DJ you can bring it to light thanks to the wide variety of applications that turn your mobile or tablet with Android into a complete mixer. From the screen of your device you can play your own session and start making original music composition.

If you do not know what DJ applications exist for Android do not worry, here is our selection of the best DJ applications that currently exist on Android:

  • edjing Mix

We start our selection with edjing Mix, the most downloaded DJ app on Google Play, with more than 10 million downloads, and its great popularity is due to the fact that it is free to download but offers integrated purchases ranging from €0.80 to €79.99.

edjing Mix features a dual-deck mixer with five free effects (12 remaining are paid, €1.99), recorder, equalizer and Automix. The free version is perfect for our first steps, especially for its tutorial that explains how each tool works and how to use it. Then in its store you can add more effects and samplers by paying real money.

  • DJ Studio 5

We continue with our selection with DJ Studio 5, another DJ application *very downloaded from Google Play** because it is free, only has a couple of fully optional integrated purchases, which serve to change the appearance of the table.

DJ Studio 5 offers us a mixing desk with two decks that allows us to apply in real time up to eight sound effects, loops, use its 10 customizable sample pads to add sounds on top. 

Use its equalizer to modify the volume at different frequencies, record our sessions, add several songs to its playlist and use its automatic mixing function so that it is the application itself that makes the original music composition session.

  • Cross DJ

We continue our selection with Cross DJ, the first professional DJ app that came to our Android devices, and which has a free and a paid version.

Cross DJ features a mixing desk with two decks that under a very minimalist interface offers us 16 sound effects, loops, an equalizer, recording of our sessions and support for playlists in its free version. To enjoy the automix and Sampler you will have to pay 4.99 euros for the full version or with integrated purchases ranging from 0.99 to 2.99 euros for the free version.

  • DiscDj 3D

DiscDj 3D is the best rated DJ app for Android by users on Google Play, with a score of 4.5 stars out of a total of five stars. It is free to download and its only in-app purchase of €2.19 is to remove ads.

DiscDj 3D excels in offering a dual-disc mixing desk under a three-dimensional interface. It has the most basic options to be able to make our mixes and original music composition, such as applying six effects, creating loops, adding samples and using its equalizer to adjust the volume at different frequencies.